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This is a rather unusual hand-knit cover-up recommended for three-year-old Shichigosan.

The white cotton lace shoulder straps and openwork knitted with lame are designed to look like a romantic apron.

You can enjoy a classic kimono corset with a retro Showa-era atmosphere.

The inside of the body is covered with tulle, which can be glimpsed from the hem.

The shoulder straps are designed to be crossed at the back and tied through the loop at the waist.

Because of the openwork weave, we recommend wearing it with an obi.

The design of the shoulder straps has been changed as shown in the 6th and 7th pictures.

In the photos, tulle is wrapped around the waist instead of an obi to cover the waistband.

When you want to enjoy a special Shichi-Go-San costume that doesn't look like anyone else's.

It is also recommended as a one-point arrangement when you inherit your mother's or grandmother's kimono.

Kimono set rentals are also available.

If you would like to rent a kimono and set, please check the calendar and make a reservation on the same day as the kimonos.

The light blue and crane kimono is an antique. It is not suitable for going out, although there is a stain on the hem so it is fine for photography.

The kebu is made for a 3-year-old (about 100cm).

If the length of the kimono is right, it can be worn by 7-year-old Shichigosan as well.

Please check the measurements below for details.

Recommended usage scenes

  • Shichi-Go-San
  • New Year's Day
  • Girls' Festival


3 years old size

  • Dress length 43
  • Body width about 51cm

Kimono (purple, all over pattern)

  • Dress length 87cm
  • Digit 42.5cm
  • Sleeve length 60cm
  • Sandals

    • Length 17cm
    • Width 7.5cm
    • Heel height 4cm

    These are the actual measurements taken with the item lying flat.
    Please refer to the size guide for more information on how to measure.

    Safety Plus

    What if I get it dirty?
    "What if it gets dirty?" "What if it gets torn?
    This is an option that eliminates such worries about your rental costume.

    Click here for Anshin Plus.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or click the chat button.

白いレースのニット被布 - heartmeltこども衣装レンタル
【七五三】白いレースのニット被布 Sale price¥4,510