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Shipping policy

Shipping is free for all rental items.

* However, Hokkaido, Okinawa and Kyushu will incur the following additional shipping charges.

<Additional Shipping Charges>

Hokkaido/Kyushu: 1,000 yen

Okinawa: 2,000 yen

Discount for Group Rentals

If you reserve two costumes at the same time, you will receive a discount of 1,000 yen.

Consolidated Discount

Book two outfits at the same time and get a 1,000 yen discount
Book three outfits at the same time and get a 2,000 yen discount!

A flat rate shipping fee of 500 yen will be charged nationwide if you purchase only the items on sale.

If you purchase a rental item at the same time, the shipping cost will be the same as the rental item.

However, if you wish to have the items shipped separately, shipping charges will apply.