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Anshin Plus

Sale price¥550

*Please purchase together with your costume rental reservation.

This is required for each costume.

If the costume is damaged or stained in a way that requires special maintenance, you may be charged for the repair.

If you choose the "Anshin Plus" option when you make a reservation, you will not be charged for the repair.

  • "Anshin Plus 500" repairs up to 5,000 yen
  • "Anshin Plus 1,000" repairs up to 10,000 yen

Please note that the Anshin Pack is not applicable in the following cases.

  • Intentional stains or damages
  • Loss of costume or parts
  • Serious stains or damages that are difficult to repair and require the costume to be destroyed
あんしんプラス - heartmeltこども衣装レンタル
Anshin Plus Sale price¥550