Recommended for Shichigosan! A collection of hats that are perfect for kimonos


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Summer is the season for "ShichiGoSan" pre-shoots, isn't it?

And although my family completed all of them two years ago, every year I look at the "ShichiGoSan" photos of various people on Instagram and think, "I want to do that again!

Because it's an event that can only be held at this time, we want to make it even more special and memorable.

As was the case with my family, there are cases where we inherit the kimonos that our mothers and grandmothers came with during the "Shichigosan".

It can be said that this is a form of kimono that has a beauty that does not fade even after a long time.

Now, this time, we would like to introduce a cool hat coordination to add to your child's kimono or formal style on a sunny day.

This is a collection of children's size hats from Fish Born Chips, a leather goods brand with the concept of "useless things".

They will add a stylish essence to both traditional kimonos and modern suits~

For a memorable Shichi-Go-San in a sophisticated kimono

"Kids Deformer"

The Deformer series is made by recombining multiple hats.

The design is exclusive to heartmelt.

It blends in nicely with any pattern and gives a sophisticated impression.

A collection of special hats that are perfect for kimonos. It has a leather patch with a hand painted owl on it.

The little perched figure is cute.

755 Recommended for Shichigosan! A collection of special hats that are also perfect for kimonos|Children 's Stylish Costume Rental|heartmelt|Kids' Dresses&Formal

Kids' Bowler Hats that can be easily matched with any outfit

"Big Crip (letter) "

This bowler hat is fastened with a large clip leather patch.

This is a great design that is impactful yet easy to use.

It will go perfectly with both a formal suit style and a casual denim style.

Of course, it is also recommended for kimonos.

Shichi-Go-San Recommended for San! A collection of special hats that are also perfect for kimonos|Children 's Fashionable Costumes for Rent|heartmelt|Kids' Dresses&Formal

Borer Hat with Popular Unicorn

"unicorn "

Children love unicorns.

This is a bowler hat.

This bowler hat has a beautiful hand-painted unicorn on the side.

And the unicorn's horn, made of leather, sticks out from the hat as if pointing to the sky.

Recommended for "Shichi-Go-San "! This is a great way to make sure that your child will be able to wear a hat that is perfect for a kimono.

The unicorn was definitely popular with the kids after all.

Shichigosan Recommended for San! A collection of hats that are perfect for kimono as well.

An impact that adds a touch of style to kids' suits

"Wappen "

Wappen-style leather patches with different designs one by one.

A lively design with plenty of them scattered around.

They have a presence that will make them the star of your outfit.

When you want to add a touch of color to a simple coordinate, by all means♪

Recommended for Shichigosan! This is a great way to make sure that your child 's wardrobe is as stylish as possible.

The pilot's cap uses different types of leather for a luxurious feel.

"FLIGHT HAT Flight Hat"

This is an arrangement of the popular pilot cap for both adults and children. This hat is for kids.

The tongue is made of fur, which gives it a rich feeling.

Seventy-five Recommended for San! A collection of special hats that are perfect for kimonos | Children's Stylish Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress &Formal

The leather tongue can be inserted into both You can insert the leather tongue into the side cutouts to hang it on the sides.

You can buckle it up to attach it to your chin.

One side of the tongue is black leather with the brand name printed on it

The tongue can be worn with the tongue out or without the tongue out and fastened at the top, making it a two-way playful design.

What did you think?

This is a collection with a little something extra that will add a little something extra to any outfit.

If you combine it with an outfit, you can rent it for as little as 1,100 yen per item, so feel free to add this item as an option.

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