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Article: Kid's Dresses for Formal PART2 [Size 80].


Kid's Dresses for Formal PART2 [Size 80].


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When the rainy season comes to an end, it will be very hot and humid.

After the rainy season is over, we will have to wait for the hot summer days.

Now, in this Part 2, we will introduce a lineup of recommended dresses for small sizes, mainly around 80!

Flower Garden and Fountain See-Through Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress& Formal

See-through kids dress represents a fountain!

This see-through skirt is inspired by a wall of water that you can see through to the other side.

And on the other side of the water is a flower garden....

A very elegant floral pattern matched with a smoky gray color, this dress is a useful dress that can change its expression depending on the bottoms you wear.

Wear it with white drawers to look like a fairy.
Angel Frill Bottoms for a gorgeous look.

You can also wear it with jeans for a handsome casual look

This is one dress that you should definitely try playing around with according to the scene and your preference.

It can be worn by children in sizes 80 to 100.

Flower Garden and Fountain See-Through Dress Product Page

Breeze Baby Overalls | Kids Stylish Costume Rental | heartmelt | kids dress&formal

Baby overalls that will make you the star of the party

The perfect overalls for the adorable baby that you can't help but show twice.

Baby's overalls that will make you the star of the party

These are perfect for the adorable baby who can't help showing off twice.

This is not a dress, but it's gorgeous and perfect for your little one's big day, with its colorful threaded tulle ruffles that wrap around the little body like a breeze.

The material is a solid raw fabric that is resistant to stains and tears, making it a safe choice.

Breeze Baby Overalls | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal

Floating cloud Frill Blouse and you will have a setup that matches any season.

This item can be worn by children in sizes 80-100.

Breeze Baby Overalls Product Page

Matching Dotted Negligee Dress 80 | Stylish Child Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress&Formal

Cool Dotted Dress for Summer Party

A lovely light colored dotted dress that is cool to the eyes.

This is a beautiful dress with a cool light colored dot pattern that is also cool to the eyes.

The large ruffles that go all the way down to the shoulders subtly dress up the little princess.


This is a dress that can be rented as a set with size 100, so it can be worn with sisters.

The casual design makes it a good choice for gatherings of relatives.

This set comes in sizes 80 and 100.

Product page for matching dotted negligee dress

SAKURA Fairy Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt heartmelt | kids dress&formal

Sakura colored dress is pure, fragile and gorgeous

The design combines various materials such as pink lace, gold ruffles, and white quilting.

The designer's attention to detail is evident here and there in this cherry blossom-colored dress, which is sure to catch the eye in any gorgeous setting.

We hope you will choose this dress when the occasion calls for it.

SAKURA fairy dress product page

What did you think?

We have introduced some formal dresses that are recommended for small children.

Every dress is sure to make your meltingly cute child shine even brighter!

In addition to the dresses we've introduced, we also have a lineup of many other dresses and one-pieces that will be useful for various occasions.

Please take a look fromhere.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Contactor official LINE.

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