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Morning glow cotton candy dress

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cotton candy

This dress is inspired by the clouds floating in the sky between night and morning, just as dawn is beginning to break.

The dress is like a cloud hidden on the horizon, tinted by both the faint light of the sun and the dusk of the night.

The ruffles are more voluminous and wrap around the entire body.

The light blue inner lining inside the puff sleeves is softly transparent, which is romantic and handsome.

Please wear an inner layer inside as the material is transparent. Since there are plenty of ruffles all over, it is not directly transparent.

Please check the shoulder and body width in advance.

If you would like drawers, please select your size in the options.

Size: One size fits all (100-160)
This silhouette can be worn by children up to size 160 with matching bottoms.
For sizes 150 and up, we recommend wearing a skirt or drawers underneath due to the mini length.

For children under 100 cm in height, please refrain from using the garment outdoors, as the longer hem will be so long that it will touch the floor. Please note that if you fail to observe this rule, you will not be eligible for the Anshin Plus program.

The length varies from 56cm to 74cm, and there is a difference between the front and back.
朝焼けコットンキャンディのドレス - heartmelt こども衣装レンタルこども衣装レンタル
Morning glow cotton candy dress Sale price¥12,320