One-piece dress with fluffy sleeves and collar


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This dress is made of a combination of soft pink textiles that resemble cherry blossoms.

The skirt is made of a resilient fabric with a detailed pattern woven in the same color.

The fluffy sleeves are made of a soft, see-through material with a frosted impression, and the moderate elasticity keeps the silhouette fluffy and beautiful without sagging.

The chest is decorated with fluffy, three-dimensional lace. The pink color, which is darker than the base color, adds a sense of dimension.

The large tasseled collar with embroidered flowers is surrounded by frills of fringed tulle, making it look even more gorgeous when worn in layers.

The dipping collar can be easily removed.

This dress is very elegant, combining a variety of different materials in simple and gentle colors, resulting in a design with a soft worldview, like a Vichyssoise with floating flowers.

This natural yet elegant one-piece dress is easy to wear for formal occasions such as presentations and special occasions.

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The dress is made with a loose silhouette and can be worn by children up to about size 120. Please refer to the table below for detailed measurements.

(Model: 111cm / Weight: 17Kg, Mannequin size: 120cm)

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Recommended usage scenarios

  • Photo studio shooting
  • Presentation
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Location shooting


Length 66.5cm
Body width 48cm
Shoulder width 38cm
Sleeve length 18cm (+8cm ruffle)
Fit collar width 17cm (widest front part)

*Actual measurements taken while lying flat.

*For more information on how to measure the dimensions, please see Size Guide.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact or chat.

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