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This dress has a lot of frills sewn into the hem and cut-outs, as if to clothe the entire body.

This dress has an apron that flips over in front, giving it a sense of depth.

It looks crisp when you tie the ribbon attached to the waist at a high position.

On the other hand, if you tie it at the back, the silhouette of the dress becomes fluffy and loose, giving it a girlish feel.

Both of the rounded sleeves are adorned with ruffles that flow vertically.

The fabric is bouncy, soft, and warm white.

The false collar, which has a gentle gray color, can be turned to the front.

The frills on the arms can be worn as a choker or removed.

The silhouette is finished with a calm atmosphere, but with many details that will tickle the fancy of young girls.

This is a dress that allows you to enjoy a slightly more sissy look than usual.

☆You can read more about it on our blog. Please have a look.

About the size>

The dress is made with a loose silhouette, although it is made for size 100

The waist can be adjusted by tying a ribbon, so it can be worn by children up to about size 120.

(Wearing model: 111cm / Weight: 17Kg)

*If you rent the set with the all black ribbon dress, you will receive a discount of The discount will be deducted after the reservation is confirmed. The discount will be deducted after the reservation is confirmed.

Anshin Plus

"What if it gets dirty?"

"What if it gets torn?"

This is an option that solves such concerns about rental costumes.

Click here to add the option

Recommended usage scenarios

  • Photos studio shooting
  • Location shooting
  • Presentation


Length 63.5cm
Body width 44cm
Shoulder width 31cm
Sleeve length 34cm (+5cm ruffle)

*Actual measurements taken while lying flat.
*For more information on how to measure the sizePlease refer to the size guide.

If you have any questions, please access to Contact or official LINE.

Q. How long is the rental period?

A. Basically, 3 days and 2 nights. When making a reservation, please select the "delivery date" and "return date" from the calendar.

*After selecting the delivery date, you can only select a date 3 days later for the return date.

Q. How far in advance can I make a reservation?

A. You can make a reservation up to 6 months in advance.

Q. Can I place a hold before making a reservation?

A. We are sorry, but we cannot place an item on layaway while the reservation is unconfirmed.

A We are sorry, but you cannot place a hold on an unconfirmed reservation. If there are reservations for the same day or overlapping dates even after you have added the item to your shopping cart, the reservation completed first will take priority.

Q. I haven't received an email confirming my reservation.

A. Mails from our store will be sent from "hearmelt.jp" and "shopify.com".

Please change your settings so that you can receive emails from the above addresses if you have set any restrictions on receiving emails.

If you would like us to resend the email, please contact us via Contact.

Q. Can you send to a location other than my home?

A. Yes, you can. During the reservation process, please select "Use new address" in the drop-down for the shipping address and enter it.

Q. I have soiled my costume

A. Please do not clean it and return it as is. Please do not clean it, but return it as is.

A. Please return the item as is without cleaning.

Only in cases where special maintenance or repair is required, such as tears, will we charge you for the repair.
If you are worried, you can add "Anshin Plus (¥500/¥1,000)" when you make a reservation so that you do not have to worry about any stains if they occur.

Please do not wash, remove or repair stains by yourself.

Please do not eat or drink while wearing costumes that have a "no food or drink" clause in the product page description.

Q. I want to cancel my order

A.Contact page to contact us.

Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged for all cancellations.

Please note that we cannot accept cancellations after the product has been shipped under any circumstances.

For more information, please refer to the User's Guide.

Q. I received a different item from the one I reserved. The product I received was defective.

A. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please contact us via Contact Page.
We will send you the correct product or an alternative product immediately. If we are unable to send you the correct item or a replacement due to reservation status or other reasons, we will issue a full refund of the rental fee.

*Please note that we are not responsible for any damages other than the rental fee.

*If you contact us after the rental period is over, we will not be able to refund you regardless of whether or not you wore the item.

* Due to the nature of rental items, there may be minor defects (stains, wrinkles, fraying, etc.) due to age. Please note that refunds and exchanges are not available if there are no problems with wearing the item.

Q. What sizes of costumes do you have?

A.The costumes we currently handle range from size 75 to 130.

Some of our 100 size dresses and dresses can be worn by children up to size 120 or 130 depending on the design features, so please take a look.

Length and other measurements are listed on each product page.
You can refer to the size guide as well.

If you have any questionsContact< span>orofficial LINE

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