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Article: Spring's latest work

春の最新作が続々追加中です。 - heartmelt こども衣装レンタル

Spring's latest work


Thank you for visiting our website.

Today, we would like to introduce you to our new spring collection.

First up is ramarama's three one-piece outfits, plus a baby all and blouse, for a total of five pieces.

This year's outfits range in size from 75cm to 100cm, making them suitable for slightly smaller children than in the past.

The costumes all have a nature-themed story that reminds us of the coming of spring.

They all have a nature-themed story that makes you feel the coming of spring, and we hope you enjoy them as well.

Three spring-like dresses

SAKURA Fairy Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress &Formal

This dress is made with the image of a cherry blossom fairy throughout the four seasons. This dress is made in the image of a cherry blossom fairy for all seasons.

A cherry blossom tree fairy watches over children playing innocently in the park.

This is a dress with such a story.

Other dresses with flower garden and strawberry themes are also available!

Overalls and all-in-ones that allow you to enjoy your baby's personality

We have also added two new connective outfits that we want you to enjoy while they are still small.

When they are waddling, rompers and overalls are really adorable, aren't they?

Breezy Baby Overalls | Children's Stylish Outfit Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal

Tulle trimmed with colorful threads cloaks the body.

Just imagining the little anus sticking out of the rounded shape of the pants is enough to make one swoon. 

"Breezy Baby Overalls"

These overalls are available at "Floating Cloud Frill Blouse".

White Cloud Blouse in a Sunny Sky

Puka Puka Floating Cloud Blouse | Kids Stylish Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal

Cotton ruffles surround the round sleeves.

And I think the pure, washed-out "KINARI" cotton is perfect for baby's innocence and purity! 

In addition to the above five items, we will be adding new items one after another.

In addition to the above five items, we will be adding more new items as they become available, and we will let you know about them in order ☺

Click here for the new items list

If you have any questions Contact or chat.Please feel free to contact us.

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