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"What if my child gets the rental costume dirty?"

For those customers who have been worried about this, we have launched an option called Safety Plus

If you add this option to your rental reservation, you will not have to pay any repair fees in the event that your costume gets dirty.

In the event that your costume gets dirty, you will not be charged for repairing it.

  • 500 yen (covers up to 5,000 yen)
  • 1,000 yen (covers up to 10,000 yen)

You can choose from the following options.

Heartmelt's costume rentals are basically free of charge for cleaning.

There is no cleaning fee for stains that occur during normal use.

But if you have a stain or tear that can't be removed by cleaning!

But in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as stains or tears that cannot be removed by cleaning, we may charge for repair or remake.

If you are worried about your child because they are naughty, we hope you will use this service!

☆ For more information about it "Anshin Plus", click here

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