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Article: Pure white apron dress

子供用、だけど大人っぽい純白のキッズドレス - heartmelt こども衣装レンタル

Pure white apron dress

It's not easy to decide what to wear for a child at a slightly formal event.

Not too flashy or exaggerated

On the other hand, it's also boring if it's too inconspicuous and gets buried.

After all, it's difficult to find a good costume that catches the eye in its own way...

pure white apron dress | fashionable kids costume rental | heartmelt | kids dress&formal

In such a case, we strongly recommend this.

"A pure white apron dress "


An unlikely childish dress for children

Despite the extravagant use of ruffles, it is not too sweet because it is not lace.

It gives a slightly more mature atmosphere.

The addition of a false collar increases the volume and creates a gorgeous impression.

It's also nice to be able to control it according to the atmosphere of the occasion.

The ribbon at the waist makes the waist look high and sleek, which also plays a role in creating a sisterly look.

Fake collar and wristband, ruffles on the sleeves for a beautiful silhouette

This apron dress comes with a detachable fake collar.

This apron dress comes with a detachable collar and a wristband with the same ruffles as the collar.

The sleeves have a beautiful line of ruffles on the outside and are elasticized so that they can be stretched to the wrist or fastened in the middle of the arm.

You can adjust the silhouette here.

You can also wear it as a half-length and add a wristband for a handsome look

Plain White Apron Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal
Pure White Apron Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal

This is the style when you remove the false collar.

Pure White Apron Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal

We love how easy it is to put on!

The ribbon at the waist is made wider and shorter in length, so it can be tied in a single knot in a cute way.

The silhouette is also made to be loose, so when you put it on, just pull it over your head.

Another great point is that it looks complicated but is easy to put on.

Plain White Apron Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal

The back of the dress is also tied in a ribbon knot, so you can adjust it to your liking.

The designer's attention to detail for children is woven here and there.

There is a black dress that pairs well with this dress.

"all black ribbon dress"

We highly recommend wearing different colors with your friends, or even with your sisters!

Recommended Situations

  • Photo studio shooting
  • Presentation
  • Wedding
  • Party

"Pure white apron dress" rental product information

  • Rental fee: ¥6,500 (3 days/2 nights)

* Shipping and cleaning included

  • Dimensions

Length: 63.5cm
Body width: 44cm
Shoulder width: 31cm
Sleeve length: 34cm (+5cm ruffle)

*Actual measurements taken while lying flat.

Click here for the pure white apron dress product page

If you have any questionsContactorchat button for any questions.

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