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Article: Colorful and Chic Dress Up

結婚式にも♡カラフルシックなおすましキッズドレス - heartmelt こども衣装レンタル

Colorful and Chic Dress Up

Hello. Thank you for visiting our website.

This time, we'd like to introduce you to a dress that combines chic colors and cheerful stripes.

"Colorful Patterned Dress"


Colorful Patterned Dresses | Stylish Child Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dresses & Formal

The charm of this dress is that the atmosphere changes dramatically from front to back

This dress is made of a shiny fabric with chic colors and fine patterns woven into it.

This dress has a chic color and shiny fabric with fine patterns woven into it, giving it a sophisticated look.

Another voluminous hem ruffle made of the same material as the puffy sleeves adds a touch of cuteness.

But look at the back and you'll be surprised!

Colorful Patterned Dresses | Stylish Child Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dresses & Formal

A refreshing surprise is exactly what it sounds like.

We are pleased to present a fabric with pale green stripes.

This is how it switches back and forth.

Colorful Patterned Dresses | Stylish Children's Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dresses & Formal

This is a unique creation that gives a completely different impression before and after.

This is a unique creation that completely changes the impression before and after.

Combination of fabrics with delicate patterns

Another feature is that it is made from a combination of many different fabrics and patterns.

First of all, the beige fabric used for the fluffy sleeves and ruffled hem.

This one has a paisley pattern.

The luxurious pattern expressed in shades of beige is full of presence.

But the colors are subdued, so it's not too loud.

Just the right amount of luxury.

Colorful Patterned Dress | Kids Stylish Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal

Dainty pink lace creates a girl's look

On the chest, the see-through lace fabric is overlaid with a dull pink fabric, giving it a deep texture.

The grayish fabric of the body is also actually made of two different types of fabric with different patterns.

This is the kind of dress that makes you look forward to holding it in your hands and looking at the pattern.

Fluffy sleeves for more ways to wear it

The sleeves are fluffy and have a loose silhouette.

The cuffs have elastic threaded through them, so you can adjust the sleeve length and volume by rolling them up or stretching them out.

Because the body is loose but made of a solid fabric, the ruffles at the hem sway in a lovely way.

Recommended Situations

  • Photo studio shooting
  • Presentation
  • Wedding
  • Party

" Colorful Patterned Dresses" Rental Product Information

  • Rental fee: ¥6,500 (3 days/2 nights)

*Shipping and cleaning included

  • Dimensions

Length: 65cm
Body width: 47cm
Shoulder width: 46cm
Sleeve length: 49cm

*Actual measurements taken while lying flat.

Click here for the Colorful Pattern Dress product page

If you have any questions, please contact us at Contact or chat button.

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