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Article: I want to wear it this summer! A denim dress with a loose silhouette


I want to wear it this summer! A denim dress with a loose silhouette


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Today we'll be showing you a summery denim dress.

Blue Denim Reversible Dress

Designer: ramarama

Blue denim reversible dress

This dress is made of a light and soft material, even though it is denim, it is soft to the touch, and the ruffles and loose flowing silhouette give it a very gentle look. The ruffles and loose flowing silhouette give this dress a very gentle impression.

The streamlined curves are created by the fabric, which is carefully trimmed with orange thread that goes well with denim.

The gathered ruffles made of the same fabric are also a nice accent.

In addition, the dark blue fabric in the transition is bouncy, and depending on the angle you look at it and how the light hits it, it can appear bluish or blue.

The dark blue fabric in the switchover is resilient and looks bluish or changes color depending on the angle you look at it or how the light hits it.

Blue Denim Reversible Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress &Formal

The ribbons attached in several places can also be tied or untied and hung down for you to enjoy the arrangement.

The length is 50cm, which is suitable for children who wear size 80-100, but the loose silhouette means that children up to 130cm can wear it as a top with bottoms.

We also recommend wearing it with drawers pants like this.

Recommended Situations

  • For studio photography
  • For location photography
  • For casual parties

"Blue Denim Reversible Dress" Rental Product Information

  • Rental fee: ¥6,600(3 days/2 nights)

*Shipping and cleaning included

  • Dimensions
Length: 50cm
Body width: 42.5cm 42.5 cm
Shoulder width: 30.5 cm
Sleeve length: 18 cm
*Actual measurements taken while lying flat.
*For more information on how to measure the size, please refer to the Size Guide.

Click here for the Blue Denim Reversible Dress product page

If you have any questionsContact or chat.

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