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Article: Shiny pink beige dress with angel wings.

天使の羽をまとったシャイニーピンクベージュのキッズドレス - heartmelt こども衣装レンタル

Shiny pink beige dress with angel wings.

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Today, we're going to show you a gorgeous dress that's sure to be in the top three in the store

"Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress"


Firm and thick Shiny fabric

The first thing I want to focus on is the texture of the fabric.

The whole thing is made of a shiny material with a luxurious feel based on a pinkish champagne beige color.

With the exception of the asymmetrical ruffles and the lace around the bust, the fabric is the same, creating a gorgeous overall atmosphere.

The fabric is thick and firm, and the ruffles at the hem are made of the same material.

Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt | Kids Dress & Formal

Breast with Ruffles and Lace

The bust is cut a little high, and is layered with lace to give it a three-dimensional finish.

Asymmetrical frills are sewn in here as well, up and down, left and right.

The intricately arranged ruffles create a three-dimensional effect

And the asymmetrical ruffles that cover the entire garment.

The ruffles are made of cotton, and are very resilient and have a great presence.

From the chest to the front of the skirt, through the left and right sides to the back, the ruffles create a three-dimensional effect at every angle.

The sleeves are decorated with ruffles that go all the way around, and small hands can be seen and hidden under the ruffles.

Fluffy, rounded, girlish silhouette

From the transition at the chest down, the skirt draws a soft, rounded silhouette that leads to the ruffles at the hem.

The sleeves also have a rounded shape, spreading softly from the shoulders and narrowing toward the cuffs.

This is an endlessly romantic dress that makes you feel like a princess who has wandered into a wonderland.

The cotton ruffles are not too sweet, and the design is crisp.

Recommended Situations

  • Photo studio shooting
  • Wedding
  • Party

"Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress " Rental Product Information

  • Rental Price: ¥7,000 (3 days/2 nights)

Length: 63.5cm
Body width: 38cm
Shoulder width: 27.5cm
Sleeve length: 36cm

*Actual measurements taken flat.

Click here for the product page of Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress

If you have any questionsContact or chat.

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