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Article: Pannier Dresses" in full bloom


Pannier Dresses" in full bloom

Our store "heartmelt" has a lot of unique designs that you will never find in ready-to-wear clothing.

Among them, the one that we get the most compliments on is "Amazing!

"Pannier Dress"

Designer: ramarama

Flower Garden Pannier Dress | Stylish Kids Costume Rental | heartmelt

The fabric used is a whopping 6m! The one and only texture pannier

This dress uses a whopping 6 meters of fabric for the skirt part, which is really gorgeous.

The amount of fabric is so large that you can't help but want to spread it out with your hands.

The amount of fabric is so large that you will want to spread it out by hand.

This is a great way to try out a rental.

This is a dress with a lot of charm that makes me want to say it out loud.

It can be worn from head to toe, and can be worn by a wide range of ages from 80 to 120.

Small children can wear it long and dressy, while older women can wear it with a mini skirt.

Flower Garden Pannier Dress | Stylish Children's Costume Rental | heartmelt

Gentle textile with a pleasant touch

The body is tailored with a firm ribbed fabric.

The skirt is made of a combination of thin fabrics, so it is voluminous yet light, and

when you walk, it sways and sways in a fun way.

This is an outfit that your child will enjoy wearing.

The puff sleeves are made of raw cotton.

Because it is a bouncy material, it will give you the perfect silhouette.

This one uses a different fabric for both the skirt and the body.

The sleeve length is about 7 to 8 minutes, which is a long sleeve for small children.

The combination of various textiles is also one of the main attractions of this dress.

Recommended for spring photo shoots

The skirt section combines two different floral patterns with classic stripes.

This light textile is perfect for the flower season.

The floral patterned fabric is also sewn into the sleeves in a line, a design that shines with the meticulousness that only handmade can provide.

The natural atmosphere of the dress with its flowers and cotton texture

I think it will look great in a location shoot in greenery.

Recommended Situations

  • For the Dolls' Festival
  • For spring growth record photos
  • For location shooting in nature such as forests and lawns

"Pannier Dress" Rental Product Information

  • Rental fee: ¥7,000 (3 days/2 nights)

*. Shipping and cleaning included

  • Dimensions

Length: 58.5cm
Body width: 37cm
Shoulder width: 29.5cm
Sleeve length: 33cm

*Actual measurements taken while lying flat.

Sleeve length: 33cm.

Click here for the Pannier Dress product page

If you have any questionsContact or chat button.

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