New arrival by FishBornChips & wood wood wood


Thank you for visiting us!

Today we would like to announce some new additions.

First of all, we have a new dress by wood wood wood, the designer of the "Double gauze dress that can be matched".

We asked her to make the negligee dress, one of her popular designs, in a cool, summery, dot-patterned textile.

This set also comes in sizes 80 and 100 so that sisters can match.

Next, the brand "FishBornChips" with the concept of "wasteful things".

Next, a series of hats for kids by "FishBornChips", a brand with the concept of "useless things", came in.

Hats with a lot of presence will take your outfit up a notch just by wearing them.

This is an item that can be worn with suits, casual wear, and even kimonos for a much more sophisticated look.

FishBornChips has a total of five types of hats in their lineup.

All of them are the coolest hats full of "waste" and attention to detail.

Please be sure to check them out!

Dotted Negligee Dress for Matching

FishBornChips Collection

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