We have started recycling used handmade children's clothing.


Thank you for visiting us.

Today we'd like to introduce you to a new HeartMelt initiative.

As we've announced on Instagram and elsewhere, we've been working on a new project.

We have started to buy and recycle used handmade children's clothing.

They are valuable pieces of clothing with the artist's heart.

That's why we deal with so many handmade costumes

In a way that only Heart Melt can do

We hope that we can work to pass on the value of these costumes for a long time and with care.

HeartMelt's unique way of doing things

If you have any clothes in your closet that you can think of,
please apply from this page.

We are also accepting applications through our official LINE account.
Search for "heartmelt" on LINE☆


Let's connect "a special piece of clothing" together

Someone has made it with care.

Clothes that someone has carefully made
Clothes that have someone's smile on them
Clothes that someone has carefully put away

These clothes are special to everyone

But children can only wear them for a short time
There are many clothes that are left clean

and they will make more smiles.

I want to make sure that these clothes, which are sure to make many smiles, get the chance to be worn as many times as possible.

HeartMelt will take responsibility for repairing the clothes even if they have been torn by Wampak.

If we can pass on these precious pieces of clothing,
they may once again create a special moment for someone.

And we believe that good things will happen to the earth on which our children live.

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