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unicorn unicorn

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*The prices shown are for the rental price of the costume and set.

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This is a children's size bowler hat from Fish Born Chips, a leather product brand with the concept of "wasteful things".

This hat is hand-painted with a unicorn, a dreamy child's favorite.

The horn protruding from the hat towards the sky is made of leather.

The horn is made of leather and can be worn with a variety of Western and Japanese outfits.

The size is 54cm.

The design matches well with suits, casual wear, and kimonos.

This is an optional item that will enhance the coordination of any man or woman.

They can be rented as a set with the costume or individually.

Anshin Plus

"What if it gets dirty?"

"What if it gets torn?"

This option eliminates the anxiety of renting a costume.

Click here for Anshin Plus

Recommended usage scenarios

  • Photos studio shooting
  • Location shooting
  • Photo session
  • Party
  • Shichigosan

If you have any questions, please Contact or chat.

unicorn ユニコーン - heartmeltこども衣装レンタル
unicorn unicorn Sale price¥1,980